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The Mountain Warrior Kung Fu Academy provides martial arts/warrior arts education and opportunities for transformative growth in the understanding of self defense. Immersed in the ancient wisdom of the masters, all students (young and old) gather in the Kwoon (training hall). Through rigorous training and indomitable spirit we build a powerful future from the wisdom of the past.
We live in a world where the warrior within is honored and respected; where each student stands fully in their power, acknowledging their inner and outer strength through the practice of the warrior arts.

“Working hard Towards Great Accomplishment”

Most people believe that Kung Fu is an Oriental form of self defense that originated in China long ago.  But the true meaning of Kung Fu is far greater than just a name that we use for the Chinese martial arts.  The term “Kung Fu” means “Working hard towards great accomplishment” or “The journey on the path of becoming a skilled artisan.”  The idea of Kung Fu is that you can become “Kung Fu” if you are working hard towards whatever your goal may be. 

At the Mountain Warrior Kung Fu Academy, we are working to help each of our students to become “Kung Fu” through the martial arts.  

Voices of the Arts: Kung Fu Success Stories

There is a lot of hard work and dedication that goes into this process of self learning and strength. The school doesn’t focus on matching anyone else but on self improvement. A phase that Sifu says often is “the biggest room, is the room for improvement” and he helps us to improve and reach our goals along this journey

– Caleb P

Family and I have trained here since 17 yrs ago after careful interview of surrounding other martial arts schools. Consistent, holistic, true martial arts in a well organized, clear manner. We love it!

– Beth A

Have been part of the school for over a year now. Great content! Its Brutal, not the flowery showy stuff. Reality fighting. Awesome teaching. Great value, would recommend. Takes commitment.

– Jacob K

The Warrior Way: Articles & FAQs

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“With self-discipline most anything is possible.”

-Theodore Roosevelt

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