Do this workout below twice a week

1 min Jumping Jacks
1 min High Knees
2 min Jump Rope
10 min Forms
3 min Horse Stance
1 min Squat Jumps
1 min Calf Raises
1 min left leg only calf raise, repeat right
25 Push ups
1 min 2 push ups, hold side plank 10 secs right repeat left
2 min Cross over crunches with right left right hold 5 secs -left right left hold 5 secs repeat
1 min Hip Raises
1 min Jumping Toe
1 min Jumping inside crescent kick repeat on left
2 min Split Stretch


On the third day workout, run a mile. A mile is four times around a track. You could also map out your own mile around your town. Be safe AND DO NOT WEAR HEADPHONES WHEN YOU ARE RUNNING!