You are what you habitually do.  We all know this to be true. As long as we are habitually working on our Kung Fu then we are, over time, gaining all of the benefits of that course of action.

So why are people not super successful at Kung Fu (or any of their other chosen activities)?  This is because habit is not something we do for a little while, once in a while.  A habit is something we consistently do over and over again.  Often until the day we die.

For some reason acquiring bad habits is super easy.  Acquiring good habits takes patience and hard work.

For example:  The habit of smoking is easy to acquire and very hard to get rid of.  But the habit of working on your Kung Fu is difficult to build and even more difficult to sustain.  Now, look at the results of both activities.  Smoking equals illness, disease and/or death. Our results of acquiring a bad habit are always negative.  Practicing Kung Fu properly equals strength, suppleness, flexibility, balance, coordination, mental clarity, emotions, stability and a positive sense of purpose in our lives.

So what are you going to repeat?

Remember, repetition is the mother of skill.  Are your habits going to bring you sadness, sickness and disease?  Or, are your habits going to bring you happiness, health and vitality.

I hope that the choice you make is in line with the goals that you have set for your Kung Fu.